I bought the Atrix Lapdock since I couldn’t find any sub $100 portable HDMI displays. The only affordable displays I could find were USB only. With the Atrix Lapdock and some adapters, I was able to use it as a portable display for several devices, which is great for traveling.

It’s a good idea to remove the plate on the docking area (underneath where the phone would be). It makes it easier to plug in the adapters or have to sand/shave them less. You can easily pull it off with your finger nails (the plate actually has a couple of magnets to keep it in place, and two small plastic clips).

This plate is removable. Use the notches (one on each side) to remove the plate with your fingernails, it should easily come off. More room for HDMI/USB adapters.

All high-res images used on this page are available here. Below are a few YouTube videos I posted about the Lapdock (the second shows that the Lapdock 500 isn’t “hacker-friendly”).

Originally posted: Saturday, June 30, 2012
Modified on: Saturday, July 28, 2012
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